Bison Debit Card Donation


MNB Bank President and CEO, Brian Esch, presented a Bison Debit Card donation of $1,596.90 to McCook Public Schools and superintendent, Grant Norgaard.  Joining them are Student of the Month Award Winners:  Landon Kmoch 8th grade,  Zoey Kain 8th grade, Addison Schliep 7th grade, Brody Anthony 6th grade, and Robert Kehler 7th grade.

Since beginning in 2017, MNB Bank has donated more than $10,000 to McCook Public Schools thanks to the big red debit cards. The Bison Debit Card is available with any personal MNB checking account. The $20 initial card fee includes a $10 donation to the school and instant access to the Bison Debit Card. Every time a cardholder uses the Bison Debit Card to make a signature-based purchase, MNB donates $0.05 to McCook Public Schools. The Bison Debit Cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted and are available to any new and existing MNB customers with a personal checking account.

More information about the Bison Debit Card