New Mobile Deposit


Mobile deposit is an easy way to deposit your checks anytime, anywhere.

To get started, enroll in Online Banking and Mobile Banking and download our free mobile banking app.


How it works

  1. On the back of each check, sign your name and write “For deposit only”

  2. Log into Mobile Banking using your smartphone or tablet

  3. Select Deposits at the bottom of the app

  4. Select Deposit Check

  5. Select the account you wish to deposit into

  6. Enter the check amount you are depositing

  7. Take a photo of the front and back of your check

  8. Click Next

  9. Confirm your deposit details and tap Yes or No

  10. To review your pending deposit, go to Deposits and tap on Deposit History.

Mobile Check Deposit Tips

  • Make sure the check amount entered matches the actual check amount

  • Ensure the check is not damaged or wrinkled

  • When taking a photo of the check, be sure all four corners are visible

  • Place the check on a flat, dark surface with sufficient lighting when taking photos