Explore our great community!



Explore our community with these clues and submit a photo, story, or video to us about your experience or something you discovered.
Submissions can be sent via Facebook and Instagram by tagging us at @MNB_Bank and #ExploreMCK
With every submission (one entry per clue) you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $50 cash for you and $100 to be donated to the local non-profit of your choice!

Scavenger Hunt ends October 3!


#1 Parks & Rec

Outdoor recreation is abundant in our community! Camping, disc golf, fishing, a walk on the trail? Find a way to have fun outside and show us!

#2 School Days

From elementary schools to the first two-year college in Nebraska - our community is passionate about education! Find something that represents a local school OR if you're an alum, share a snapshot of your school days!

#3 Legends & Legacies

McCook has been home to many notable locals and historical happenings. Find something that shows our history and share any interesting stories you uncover!

#4 Eat, Drink and Shop Local

Find a place where you eat, drink or shop local! Be sure to tell us if you have any faves!

#5 Local Yokel

It's truly the people that make our community vibrant! Find something that YOU think represents McCook. Show us what you love about our community!

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The Great Community Scavenger Hunt!